Submitted for Publications
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Ho, W.K., Muchugi, A., Muthemba, S., Kariba, R., Mavenkeni, B.O. Hendre,P., Song, B., Deynze, A.V., Massawe, F. and Mayes, S. Use of microsatellite markers for the assessment of bambara groundnut breeding system and varietal purity for genome sequencing. Submitted to Genome
Ahmad, N.S. Sri Redjeki, E., Ho, W.K., Aliyu, S., Mayes, K., Massawe, F., Kilian, A. and Mayes, S. Construction of a genetic linkage map and QTL analysis in bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L) Verdc.). submitted to Genome.

Journal Manuscripts
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