Policy Brief 2 : Forgotten Foods to Feed the Future

In this policy brief, we focus on dietary diversification through the use of “Forgotten Foods”. Forgotten foods can improve health and nutritional status. They have a significant role to play in the transformation of agriculture that will be necessary to counter the impacts of global warming and ensure food and nutritional security in future climates. 

There is no single definition of forgotten foods. They include the foods that were once popular but have now been displaced by a modern global diet of uniform and processed ingredients. Many forgotten foods are niche products that remain popular in certain geographical locations and at particular times of the year. Most have been neglected by mainstream research and not benefited from advances in technology, advocacy or marketing. There are thousands of forgotten foods that include ingredients from underutilised crops, fruits and  vegetables, animals and even insects as well as traditional varieties of the major staple crops. Each of these forgotten food deserves to be evaluated to explore which can nourish future generations.

Read our full policy brief here: Forgotten Foods to Feed the Future
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