Crops For the Future awarded USD 15,000 grant from the International Foundation for Science

Crops For the Future’s (CFF) FishPLUS research programme received a USD 15,000 fund awarded by the International Foundation for Science to conduct a two-year project titled ‘Mitigation of climate change impact on tilapia aquaculture in Southeast Asia’. This project is a consortium of four countries: Malaysia (CFF), Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand, with the total group funding amounting to USD 60,000.

FishPLUS’ primary focus area in this multi-country project is on the ‘Cost-effective replacement of unsustainable fishmeal and imported soy protein in tilapia feeds using insects and underutilised crops in an integrated agricultural system’. FishPLUS Research Programme Director, Max Herriman explains, “Global reliance on wild-caught fish and soya bean to produce aquaculture feed limits growth and efficiency of the aquaculture sector. This research will contribute to the development of new aquaculture feeds that lessen the demand for these increasingly expensive ingredients.”
According to the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Blue Planet Report 2015, populations of marine vertebrates have declined by 49% between 1970 and 2012, with some fish species declining by almost 75%. The biggest drivers being overfishing, habitat destruction and climate change. 
This project in its entirety will look at the impacts climate change has on the aquaculture sector and provide opportunities to mitigate the loss faced in the sector – from observing the aquaculture environment and water temperature, through to providing sustainable feeds to fish.
FishPLUS is one of five research programmes at CFF that focusses on incorporating functional ingredients into aquaculture feed. Recently, with support from the Newton-Ungku Omar Fund, FishPLUS found that sustainable aquafeed using Black Soldier Fly larvae fed with Sesbania can be used to produce insect meal and replace up to 50% of fishmeal in formulated aquaculture feed.  
About Crops For the Future
Crops For the Future (CFF) is the world’s first and only centre dedicated to research on underutilised crops for food and non-food uses. CFF research focusses on agricultural biodiversity to enhance agricultural systems and their sustainability, address changing climates, and improve food and nutritional security and economic well-being, especially of the poor.
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